About Us

There’s nothing quite as exciting as designing a brand new kitchen that lets you express your personality and make it uniquely your own!

Your kitchen is the hub of your home and you deserve it to be perfectly designed for the way you live. However the thought of coordinating so many specialists from different trades, could drive you up the wall! You might even have your own horror stories concerning kitchen layouts that didn’t work, appliances that didn’t fit and shoddy workmanship that needed constant repair!

The KITCHEN PLUS superstore was established specifically with home owners like you in mind. This fabulous 12,000 sq. ft. superstore is the first of its kind in Malaysia to offer end-to-end design, supply and installation of complete kitchens. Marvel at the stylish kitchen displays, modern appliances and accessories in a range of different materials, functionality and prices. Finally, your wish for an ideal kitchen can be found under one roof!